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41 Club 75

75 Years of Continued Friendship


41 Club was formed in 1945 to keep the friendships from Round Table alive.
Our Motto is to keep the hinges of friendship from going rusty, and we are delighted to celebrate 75 years of friendship.

The year head represents a new decade, “2020” will be one of the most significant years in our history, not only do we celebrate 75 years of The Association of Ex Round Tablers Great Britain & Ireland.

We also celebrate the year with new and exciting partnerships, through the great work behind the scenes led by Marcus Jones.

We are creating a year of amazing partnerships for the members, we are working with SSAFA for the National VE Day celebrations whilst also working directly with the Queens representative Pageant Master Bruno Peek OBE, MBE, LVO, the work around the May Bank Holiday VE DAY start the year of at a pace for the members. There is also a significant partnership with Dementia UK, one that is very close to my heart.

On the business side of things I am setting a challenge for the council at this year’s AGM, I am asking the council to focus on the future of the association, we need a new plan, one that is created by the members for the members.

My challenge to the council is very simple, have a 5 year plan that creates momentum, clear focus on our PR and membership strengths and a plan that allows the organisation to become future proof for all generations. 

My aim is very simple this year, lets raise our profile of 41Club within the communities we serve, celebrate who we are, the things we do well and ensure we use all modern communication channels to spread the word, “41 Club GB&I are planning a future that represents the changes in society and have a plan for future growth and success.”

However none of which could be successful without your involvement. Simply put I am reaching out to all corners of GB&I to bring people together, to make it a “GOOD YEAR” for all members.

I believe it’s time to look forward and not back over old ground, let’s look out the window together, not in the mirror.

41 Club 75th Charter Weekend

Following our 75th VE Day Celebrations, 41 Club offers a whole weekend of fellowship and celebration in Nottingham on the 26 – 28 June 2020. 

Our events include Brewery Tours, River Cruises, a Nations Night, and the Gala Dinner. Members and their partners are all welcome to help us celebrate our fantastic 75 years of continued friendship. 

The 75th Charter Nations Night

9th July 2021

The Nations Night will bring together friends around the UK and the World as we welcome guests from 41 Club and 41 Club International. 

The evening is a Big Curry Night, with great bars, entertainment and a special prize for the best dressed individual or club all for £30.

The 75th Charter Gala Dinner

10th July 2021

Peter Good Presents the 75th Gala Dinner Continued Friendship Black Tie Event at the De vere Orchard Hotel.

It includes a champagne reception, wonderful live music, dancing and a great 4 course meal, all for £55 per person.

The 75th Brewery Tour

9th & 10th July 2021

To help you enjoy your Charter Weekend, we have arranged 6 Group Tours of a fantastic local brewery where you can try a range of delicious ales. 

Available at 10am, 12pm & 2pm on the 26th & 27th June for just £12pp.

The 75th River Lunch Cruise

9th & 10th July 2021

If you have had early beer, or just want to enjoy the fellowship with weekend attendees, we have arranged a Trent River Cruise. 

The cruise includes a lunch all for just £16pp.

Hotels and Other Activities

De Vere Orchard Hotel

The De Vere Orchard Hotel is set in Set in 330 acres of the University of Nottingham’s landscaped parkland; De Vere Orchard Hotel is a stylish, eco-friendly hotel featuring 202 bedrooms located next to our modern event venue, De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre.

41 Club have reserved a number of rooms at special rates and please call 0115 8760900 and quote 41Club.

The special rates are non-refundable and only available if you call and book.

Other Activities for the Weekend

Nottingham has a wide range of sights and sounds for you to enjoy. 

To help you get around, every attendee of an event over the Charter Weekend will receive a FREE TRAM PASS to travel from the Hotel and Campus to the City. 

We have also pulled together a range of possible locations to visit so you can make the most of your stay – please visit our attractions page. You can also view the detailed itineraries for the weekend on this page. 

Steve James

National Fellowship Officer, Steve James

As our country celebrates the 75th year of VE Day and our own Association celebrates 75 years in existence as National Fellowship Officer I am absolutely delighted and honoured that our Association has partnered with SSAFA to mark this auspicious occasion. 

As well as the local celebrations being arranged by clubs across GB&I, the National Association has arranged a number of events that are open to members of the Roundtable family nationally and internationally. 

I sincerely hope that you will come and join us and National President Pete in celebration of VE Day and our 75 either at one of these events particularly the Presidents Ball which will be the highlight of our celebration and a truly remarkable evening

Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones
41 Club GB&I 75th Event and PLC Chairman

I am delighted to head up the 75th year of events for 41Club GB&I whilst supporting our incoming National President Peter Good as his Plc Chairman. The year ahead will start off at an amazing pace with the VE Day celebrations. Make sure you toast the nation at 3pm and most of all register your activity, the weekend will be supported by many events around the UK and that includes The Great British Tea Party, National Arboretum visit, London Old Tablers Event, a tour to Belgium and so much more.

Then dial forward eight weeks and the world of 41club will descended on the East Midlands for a two day extravaganza of events for all members of the Round Table Family, come and help celebrate 75years of Continued Friendships.  

We have a dedicated team of volunteers working behind the scenes to make all events this year something to be proud off, all we now need is…..YOU!”

Celebrating 75 Years

With Our Gin and Pin!

41 Club 75th Gin

Why not celebrate in style with the 41 Club 75th Gin.

41 Club 75th Pin

Why not celebrate in style with the 41 Club 75th Pin


Thanks to all of the below for their support