41 Club Big Weekend Dinner


Entry to the 41 Club Big Weekend Gala Dinner

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President Peter Good Presents The Big Weekend Gala Dinner celebrating 75 years + one , inviting the members of The Round Table Family Nationally & Internationally to join us in what will be the biggest party in the last two years.

The Night will kick off with a champagne reception and wonderful music to get you in the mood for the full Gala Diner Events which will include live music from an amazing 80’s band, great food and entertainment supported by special recognition awards event during the evening for those who have made a difference in through covid19 and kept the fellowship alive, with a few celebrity stars will in attendance, it’s a night not to be missed.

Great attraction and than chance to truly meet old friends and new once again.


Drinks Reception with live entertainment 6.30pm

Call to tables 7.00pm

Carriages 12.30am